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Magnolia – The Biggest Infographics and Data Visualization Elements Pack

If you need to create infographics but have no idea where to start, or just don’t have the time to create your own elements, here’s one of the biggest infographics and data visualization elements pack to ease your work a bit. The guys at are responsible

25 Best Tech Companies To Work For

If you’re a tech guy, you’re surely a computer addict so it makes no point asking if you ever dreamed of working at Google or Facebook – that’s like the dream of every geek alive, mine too. We geeks, know how hard it is to make it

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25 Creative Websites with Big Background Photos

Here’s a 25 websites compilation showcasing some of the most creative and best designed websites using high resolution photos as their backgrounds. There are a variety of different types of websites included, and all different kinds of photos that are being used. Blind Barber Anna Safroncik Cortac Biamar

Soda Red Mac OS Icons – Free Vectors Download

The talented crew at are offering a brand new set of high quality MAC OS icons free for download to anyone interested, in vector format. These vector freebies were created with the midday summer heat in mind being beaten back by a refreshing cold soda in hand,

Creating a Services Page The Proper Way

If you are looking to sell your services using the Internet, the second step you should consider focusing on, after creating an eye-catching design for your website, is the Services Page. For those of you interested, offers very good insights on how to properly design a

Minimal Premium WordPress Theme – ElegantThemes

Minimal is a great premium WordPress theme specially created by ElegantThemes for those who want to give their blog a truly simple and elegant feel. The homepage features a page based design but also has an optional blog style layout. It also includes 2 unique colour schemes,

13Floor Premium WordPress Theme – ElegantThemes

13Floor is a premium WordPress Theme, created by ElegantThemes, designed in an edgy,flashy and fun way, while still retaining an air of professionalism. The homepage features a unique, customisable slider for posts or pages to grab peoples attention. The 13Floor theme also includes an optional blog style

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21 Best Free Premium WordPress Themes For Your Blog

If you’re looking to change your blog design to a more professional one then here are 21 best free premium WordPress themes you can use for your blog. In 2011 there has been a major increase on the number of companies that provide high quality and professional